My First Online Design Shop

One of the things that I’ve always been interested in starting is an online design shop where I could design and sell products. After a meeting with my good friend Mike LaValley over at Evolving Architect, I learned about several online product companies where artists and designers are able to put their designs on real items. I was so excited after this meeting that I decided to create an account and start an online shop for Journey of an Architect as project 18x30. Here’s my review of two online services and my very own online shop!

Break Routines

At some point in everyone’s career, routines will be developed and they’ll influence the decisions we make as well as our mental and physical well-being. We can develop good routines that keep us optimistic and energized every day or we could have bad routines that drain our motivation. To avoid creating routines that instill a pessimistic outlook in my life, I’ve made breaking routines a priority. Here’s why breaking routines is important to renewing your sense of self-worth, optimism, and motivation.

17x30 Single Family High End Residential Project

For the first 30x30 project of 2018, I’ve decided to design a single family high end residential project in Buffalo, New York as project 17x30. This is different from my previous projects which have been either very large in scale or an exhibition piece. To start this project off, I’ve already located a site and generated some basic design ideas that will evolve in the upcoming weeks. Here’s how I found a project site and some initial design ideas.

My 2018 Goals and Why I Set Them

At the end of every year, I take at least a week off to travel, spend time with family and friends, reflect on the year that’s coming to an end, and come up with 10 new goals for the new year. This has become a very important tradition in my life because it keeps me focused on specific aspects of my life that I want to strengthen. Most importantly, I continuously work towards achieving each one and for the last few years, I’ve been able to achieve all 10 of them. Here’s why, how, and what I set as my 10 goals for 2018.

Adding Leather Products to my 30x30 Goal

During late Autumn of 2017, I thought about various crafts that I’ve always been intrigued by and wanted to try. One of those crafts was leatherworking particularly for making accessories and bags. However, it was difficult for me to get into the trade because I didn’t have the tools nor the space in my family’s New York City apartment that allowed for leatherworking. Now that I have the space and resources to pursue leatherworking, I’ve decided to make my leather products a part of my 30x30 goal. Here’s what I’ve made so far.

Finalizing the Timber Residential Skyscraper Design Renders

After a month and a half of designing the Timber Residential Skyscraper, I’m excited to say that I’ve completed the project ahead of the deadline! Over the past week, I focused on developing the final renderings for the project, which took the most time because I had to set perspectives, materials, and Photoshop each one. Here are the final renderings for the Timber Residential Skyscraper.

Finalizing the Timber Residential Skyscraper Design

This week’s focus was on finalizing the design of the Timber Residential Skyscraper project, which meant figuring out the form and potential programs of the ground floor and first floor of the building. Once these design tasks were complete, I switched my focus to the outdoor space on the second floor of the building, which would be privately used by the residents. Check out how the final design for the Timber Residential Skyscraper came together in this week's post.

Timber Residential Skyscraper Site

As I slowly transition back to working on the Timber Residential Skyscraper from my holiday vacation, I’ve decided to focus on finding a site for the project. Like many of my previous projects, I decided that the Timber Residential Skyscraper should be located in New York City where there are many other skyscrapers. Here’s how I found on a site for this theoretical project.

5 Things I’m Thankful for in 2017

During Thanksgiving week, I always take some time to reflect on my life over the past year. Now that I’ve been documenting the things that I’m thankful for in my life, I’m starting to find that I consistently focus on specific areas of my life. Interestingly, most of them don’t relate specifically to architecture. Here are 5 things that I’m thankful for in 2017.

Finalizing the Residential Timber Skyscraper Interior Design

This week, I’ve been continuing to design the interior of the residential timber skyscraper and I focused on the upper floors. These floors will contain two luxury residential units with three bedrooms, a large kitchen with an island capable of seating six people, an official dining room, and several gathering spaces throughout. Here’s a short update on the residential timber skyscraper project.