Finalizing the Residential Timber Skyscraper Interior Design

This week, I’ve been continuing to design the interior of the residential timber skyscraper and I focused on the upper floors. These floors will contain two luxury residential units with three bedrooms, a large kitchen with an island capable of seating six people, an official dining room, and several gathering spaces throughout. Here’s a short update on the residential timber skyscraper project.

Design Development of Residential Timber Skyscraper

Over the past week, I’ve been working hard on developing the design of project 14x30 Residential Timber Skyscraper. Working from my sketches, I started creating a Revit model of the design and immediately started refining some of my original design ideas. Fortunately, the design has been coming together and I’m about halfway through the project! Here’s how far the project has come from the hand sketches last week.

Residential Timber Skyscraper

While reading a book at my local coffee shop, I suddenly had an urge to design a skyscraper. Initially, I thought of making this project a core and shell building to study various forms and façade ideas. However, as I started sketching some elevations, I quickly found that having an understanding of the interior program and layout of the building is important for determining the form and façade design. As I began sketching project 14x30, Residential Timber Skyscraper, I decided to design the residential units as modules that would stack to create the building. Here’s the initial design idea for the Residential Timber Skyscraper.

Making a Leather Tote Bag

As an architect working at a fantastic mid-sized architecture firm, I haven’t been making scaled models or physical conceptual massing models. I started feeling like I’m losing touch with creativity in the real world. So, I thought about possible new hobbies that would involve making things and decided to try leather working. I’ve always been inspired by people who are able to take a piece of leather, cut it down to size, and hand stitch an entire bag. Here’s the leather tote bag that I learned to make in 4 days and what I learned along the way.

Finalizing the Sky Mausoleum Project

After two months of working on the Sky Mausoleum project, I’ve completed the design and proposal ahead of schedule! From last week to now, I’ve taken these renderings and post processed them in Photoshop. I also asked a good friend of mine if he could visit the site and take some photographs for a street view rendering. Here are the final renderings for the project and what’s next on my 30x30 list.

Initial Renderings for Sky Mausoleum

Over the past week, I’ve been finalizing the material palette and setting perspectives for the final renderings of the Sky Mausoleum project. Similar to last week, I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on the project, but I made sure that I focused for an hour a day on bringing the Revit model to its final conceptual stage. After testing several material options for the building, I’ve finally made a decision on all of the materials. Here are a handful of the initial renderings of Sky Mausoleum.

Setting Materials for Sky Mausoleum

Although this week has been busy with lots of work at the architecture firm, I found a little bit of time every evening to continue developing the interior design of Sky Mausoleum. As I mentioned last week, my goal was to design seating along the walls in every mausoleum, adjust light fixtures, design the stone container for holding the ashes of loved ones, and setting materials. Here’s how far the interior design has come since last week.

Interior Design Progress of Sky Mausoleum

For the past week, I’ve been focusing on the interior layout of Sky Mausoleum, the reflected ceiling plan, and setting preliminary materials to prepare the Revit model for rendering. The interior layout has gone through several iterations and I’m proceeding with a design option that has curved interior walls and ceiling. Here’s a quick update on my design progress with Sky Mausoleum.

Admit you don't know

As I continue working hard at the architecture firm, I’ve found myself with new exciting responsibilities that involve answering lots of questions. My preference is to receive questions via email rather than over the phone because I noticed that many people expect immediate answers. As every architect knows, a majority of questions don’t have immediate answers and require some investigation in order to get the correct answer. Whenever I find myself in a situation where someone expects an immediate answer, I admit that I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to them. Here are 5 reasons why I admit I don’t know.

10 Tips for starting a website

If you’re thinking of starting a website or blog, this post was written for you. I’ll go over several main ideas that you need to figure out as well as the steps for building your website; from creating an account with a website hosting platform to selecting a template on WordPress and tips for managing your website. If I were starting this website over again with what I know today, this is the process I would follow.