Hi there! I'm Tim.

I started Journey of an Architect to document my quest to design 30 projects by the age of 30 (May 2020). My posts focus on my design process, thoughts, struggles, and successes throughout my journey to develop a professional portfolio of work and to start an architecture and design firm.

Every week, I send out a short newsletter that summarizes a lesson I learned, my best moment of the week, what I'm currently reading, watching, or listening to, and an update on my 30x30 projects. Sign up now by scrolling down and filling out the form under "Friday Four Newsletter".

Thank you for joining me on my architectural journey!

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How to start a blog with Bluehost

For my website, Journey of an Architect, I’ve been using Bluehost as my website host and I’ve had a fantastic experience with their services and customer service. If you’re ready to start your own website and want the process to be simple, here are 7 steps showing you how you can start today with Bluehost. You can also check out my blog post on 10 tips for starting a website by clicking here.

Almost 40 Tips for Starting an Architecture Firm

Are you an Architect who has been contemplating starting your own practice? After co-organizing and hosting a one day seminar called "Planning a Practice" for Architects in Buffalo, NY, I was able to learn the essential information and steps for starting, maintaining, and growing an architecture firm from an expert architect, attorneys, accountants, and branding/strategic marketer. Learn more in this summary article of the conference!