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Final edits for my first written book

Over the past week, I’ve been working hard on writing the remainder of my book, revising it on my own, and putting it together for a final editing review. As I got further along in writing the book, I slowly found my passion for writing which encouraged me to continue pushing myself to meet my April launch deadline for Starting an Architecture Firm. I’m excited to say that the draft is complete and is being reviewed and edited by my girlfriend, Andrea, and I over the next week. Here are some screenshots of what the book looks like and how you can be the first to get a sample and purchase a copy!

Almost 40 tips for Starting an Architecture Firm

Are you an Architect who has been contemplating starting your own practice? After co-organizing and hosting a one day seminar called "Planning a Practice" for Architects in Buffalo, NY, I was able to learn the essential information and steps for starting, maintaining, and growing an architecture firm from an expert architect, attorneys, accountants, and branding/strategic marketer. Learn more in this summary article of the conference!

Writing my first eBook

As one of my 30x30 goals, I’ve decided to take action on writing the Starting an Architecture Firm eBook that will elaborate and add to the list of advice from the seminar and my blog post, Almost 40 Tips for Starting an Architecture Firm. Here’s how the eBook is coming along so far and how you can be the first to know when it’s available!

5 Tips for Starting an Architecture Project

Ever since I started Journey of an Architect a year and a half ago, I’ve been simultaneously working on both architecture and design projects to reach my goal of completing 30 projects by the time I turn 30 (May 2020). Although I’ve completed 16 projects and I’m now working on 3 others, I can honestly say that I struggle just as much as every other creative person when starting a project. In fact, I spend the most time at the beginning by developing a strong concept because it helps me find clarity for the remainder of the architecture project. Here are 5 tips for starting an architecture project that has helped me on my projects.

My First Online Design Shop

One of the things that I’ve always been interested in starting is an online design shop where I could design and sell products. After a meeting with my good friend Mike LaValley over at Evolving Architect, I learned about several online product companies where artists and designers are able to put their designs on real items. I was so excited after this meeting that I decided to create an account and start an online shop for Journey of an Architect as project 18x30. Here’s my review of two online services and my very own online shop!

Break Routines

At some point in everyone’s career, routines will be developed and they’ll influence the decisions we make as well as our mental and physical well-being. We can develop good routines that keep us optimistic and energized every day or we could have bad routines that drain our motivation. To avoid creating routines that instill a pessimistic outlook in my life, I’ve made breaking routines a priority. Here’s why breaking routines is important to renewing your sense of self-worth, optimism, and motivation.

My 2018 Goals and Why I Set Them

At the end of every year, I take at least a week off to travel, spend time with family and friends, reflect on the year that’s coming to an end, and come up with 10 new goals for the new year. This has become a very important tradition in my life because it keeps me focused on specific aspects of my life that I want to strengthen. Most importantly, I continuously work towards achieving each one and for the last few years, I’ve been able to achieve all 10 of them. Here’s why, how, and what I set as my 10 goals for 2018.

Admit you don't know

As I continue working hard at the architecture firm, I’ve found myself with new exciting responsibilities that involve answering lots of questions. My preference is to receive questions via email rather than over the phone because I noticed that many people expect immediate answers. As every architect knows, a majority of questions don’t have immediate answers and require some investigation in order to get the correct answer. Whenever I find myself in a situation where someone expects an immediate answer, I admit that I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to them. Here are 5 reasons why I admit I don’t know.

10 Tips for starting a website

If you’re thinking of starting a website or blog, this post was written for you. I’ll go over several main ideas that you need to figure out as well as the steps for building your website; from creating an account with a website hosting platform to selecting a template on WordPress and tips for managing your website. If I were starting this website over again with what I know today, this is the process I would follow.

5 Things I Love and Hate About Being an Architect

Although I’ve been a licensed architect for a little over a year, I’m still relatively young in the profession of architecture with a total of 4 years and 3 months of professional experience. In this time, I’ve been able to exponentially grow, take on more responsibility, and climb the corporate ladder at my firm. During this time, I’ve had observations of my peers and personal experiences that I’ve loved and hated. Here are 5 things that I love and hate about being an architect.