Project 19x30 - Unpacking Design Podcast

Year: 2018

Project Brief:

One of my good friends and fellow bloggers, Mike LaValley of Evolving Architect, and I have monthly mastermind sessions where we talk about the projects that we’re working on and how we’re doing with our blogs. In late 2017, we realized that we had so many projects going on that one mastermind session a month wasn’t enough. That’s when we started meeting bi-weekly and continuing our conversations about our plans for our next project(s).

During one of these mastermind meetings, Mike was brainstorming several ideas that he’s had for a podcast focusing on architecture. As we brainstormed more ideas, we somehow came to the conclusion that we should both start a podcast where we talk about ideas, products, news, and so on, that relate to design.

We discussed this idea over several meetings and came up with a game plan for what the podcast would focus on and where we see it going. Then, we jumped right in and started recording episodes together. I think it’s safe to say that our first podcast episodes weren’t the best, but it helped us get comfortable being in front of a microphone and genuinely chatting with each other. In fact, some of our discussions are so engaging that we often don’t want them to end!

Starting Unpacking Design Podcast

With more episodes recorded, we started to find a theme among our interests and episodes, which related to the broader field of design instead of solely focusing on architecture. We brainstormed names for our show and narrowed the list down to three. Out of this list, Unpacking Design was the one that stood out the most.

Once we secured the name, we started officially recording what is now the Unpacking Design Podcast, which is available everywhere that you listen to podcasts! This podcast focuses on ideas, technology, and news that relate to designers all over the world. We’re excited to be part of this podcast together and we hope that you follow us and let us know what you think by commenting and leaving a review on the podcast!