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Newsletter 053

Newsletter 053

Over the 4 years of my career as an architect, I’ve always felt guilty about taking time off at the architecture firm for a vacation. Perhaps it’s due to my millennial mindset that I constantly tell myself that if I work hard now, I’ll have time and money to relax in the future. However, I’m quickly starting to realize the importance of taking time off and exposing my mind to different experiences. Here are 5 reasons why architects should take time off and explore the world.

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – After any vacation, take an extra day off

Every year, I take a few days or a week off work and go on a vacation. During my vacation, my mind slowly transitions into a relaxed state where I’m able to simply enjoy my time. This week, I went on a vacation that started with a full day in Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and ended with 3 days at a beautiful house on top of a hill in Catskills, NY.

After spending time with my good friends and Andrea, we drove back home on Independence Day and our brains were quickly shutting off. That night, we decided to sleep early. The next morning, we woke up tired and sluggish, but we forced ourselves out of bed and went into the office and lab.

As I sat at my desk, exhausted from the vacation, I realized that I should’ve taken an extra day off and used that day to transition back to my typical day to day activities. You see, going on a vacation requires a day or two for our minds to transition into a relaxed state. Afterwards, we need to give our brain some time to transition back.

From here on out, I’ll be taking at least an extra day off after any vacation; especially if it’s a vacation that requires a lot of traveling.

2. Best moment of the week – Spending time with my good friends in Catskills, NY

After some fast planning with a good friend a few months ago, the day finally arrived where a group of my friends, Andrea, and our dog went on vacation. We reserved a beautiful house on top of a tall hill through AirBnB located in Catskills, NY that had an outdoor deck overlooking the forest on their property with a mountain backdrop.

Throughout our time together, we shared meals, caught up on what we’ve all been up to, and told stories of our time together in high school where we met. We had so many fun moments and shared experiences that we’ll never forget.

As our first time planning and executing a vacation/get together, we’re happy that it turned out successful and we’re looking forward to planning more vacations with our friends!

3. What I’m currently listening to – Sara Blakely on How I Built This

Although I’ve heard Sara Blakely interviewed on various podcasts, I’m always interested in listening to her story again and learning from her experiences from starting her company, Spanx, and scaling it to a billion-dollar company. This week, she was interviewed on How I Built This, a podcast by NPR. She shared her trials and tribulations of starting her company from writing her own patent to sending checks to her friends and asking them to purchase her product in the stores, and meeting with prospective store managers to get her product on their shelves. Her story is definitely worth a listen!

4. 30x30 Project Update – 12x30 Micro Housing China Graphics

To be honest, I spent no time on the 30x30 projects. This week, I decided to spend all my time with my friends, Andrea, and our dog on our vacation, which I don’t often do. Now that the vacation is over, I’ll be developing the final graphics and narrative for the project with the goal of closing out project 12x30 Micro Housing China by the end of the month.

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