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Newsletter 047

Newsletter 047

With the bathroom renovation finally complete, it’s time for me to reflect on everything that Andrea and I have been through with the project and to take a short break. We worked day and night to complete our full renovation within 2 weeks and we are so happy with the results! A long blog post about our journey to renovate our bathroom will be coming in the following week. Stay tuned for more!

Bathroom Renovation Tiling

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – Face your fears and speak up

Although I’m an open and honest person, I often find myself holding myself back from providing opinions at discussions with certain people. I choose to keep comments to myself because these people are unwilling to see things from a different perspective than their own. This week, I encountered this situation in my office and chose to be a listener. However, I was asked for my open and honest opinion and I said everything that I was thought about a design that we were developing.

My feedback was frank and I provided supporting reasons for my comments. I also tried a different approach to having a discussion with the alpha type personality. I stood my ground and didn’t budge until there was a better alternative. However, I continued listening, seeing the problem from multiple perspectives, and providing alternate solutions that combined relative portions of everyone’s ideas.

This worked and the discussions were more productive. Less time was wasted on the back and forth where the workflow was cyclical. Instead, we had a steady path forward and met our deadline.

There will always be that person at your workplace that has an alpha type personality and an aggressive nature. Although the thought of having a discussion with those people can be intimidating, remember that you’re both on the same team and if you’re doing the best that you can do, there’s nothing to lose.

2. Best moment of the week – Finishing our full bathroom renovation

There’s no better way to learn about architecture and the built environment than to immerse yourself in the construction process of the spaces around you. Therefore, I decided to embark on a journey to fully renovate my bathroom with the help of my girlfriend Andrea. During the 16 days of construction on our only bathroom in the house, we faced moments of exhaustion, excitement, happiness, anxiety, and defeat. However, we completed the bathroom renovation and we were stunned by the beautiful outcome!

3. What I’m currently listening to – Bigger Pockets Podcast

Recently, a friend of mine recommended that I listen to a podcast called Bigger Pockets, which is about real estate investing through interviews with successful developers. In this podcast, the hosts ask these successful real estate entrepreneurs to share their stories of starting out, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and successes. So far, I think it’s an interesting podcast to follow and it’s full of useful information!

4. 30x30 Project Update – 11x30 Bathroom Renovation is completed!

After 16 days of renovating our only bathroom in our house, we’ve finally completed the project! To be honest, there were moments in the early part of the renovation where I could visualize what the final space would look like, but I started losing hope because problems continued to arise. However, we pressed on and continued moving at our pace. Once the tiles were set, the reality of the project was visually present and it gave us hope that the project would soon be complete! Today, we’re enjoying the fruits of our labor and we’re so happy to have embarked and completed our journey to renovate our bathroom!

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Newsletter 048

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