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Newsletter 044

Newsletter 044

At the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) 2017 conference on architecture, there was an amazing lineup of keynotes ranging from world renowned architects to the former first lady of America, Michelle Obama. There are many great reasons for attending the annual AIA conferences on architecture and the keynotes give more than enough reason to attend. Here are highlights from each of the keynotes and the conversation with Michelle Obama.

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – Communication is key

After returning from the AIA 2017 conference on architecture, I’ve been working on a project with a 100% construction document deadline in two weeks from now. By the end of Monday, I uploaded our latest Revit model to our FTP site and had a project architect and a project manager coordinate with our consultants. At some point or another, we’ve all been in and out of this project, so there’s often confusion on who’s in charge of certain tasks.

As the next step of this project, I printed out a set of our drawings for an in-house review and knew that we would need to get updated drawings from our consultants. So I spoke with the project manager and phone calls/emails were made. By Thursday, we hadn’t received any updated drawings, so I took the reins and called our consultants to sort everything out.

Once I called all of the consultants, I realized that they were all trying their hardest to finalize their sets, which is an endeavor that would take another week. For the purposes of the in-house review, this wasn’t necessary, so I explained what we were trying to do and got everyone on the same page. Within the hour, all of our consultants, except for one, sent us updated drawings for our review.

Remember to take the time to explain what you’re looking for from your clients and consultants. Get everyone on the same page so that the deliverables are clear and deadlines are met.

2. Best moment of the week – Spending a long weekend in Orlando

Last week, I attended my first AIA conference on architecture, which was a fantastic experience. From last week’s newsletter to now, my highlight of the event was seeing Amy Cuddy’s moving keynote. My friend and I had second row seats to her talk and I was engaged for the entire presentation. She’s great at presenting and she had a wonderful ending to her talk. Check out my highlights of Amy Cuddy’s keynote in this week’s blog post.

3. What I’m currently listening to – Gary Vaynerchuk’s Podcast

It seems as if Gary Vaynerchuk releases multiple podcast episodes every day and I’m always striving to listen to every episode. So this week, I caught up on all of Vaynerchuk’s podcast and heard the same lessons in all of his interviews. Work hard and be patient.

4. 30x30 Project Update – Continuing 11x30 Bathroom Renovations

Now that the AIA conference on architecture is over and I’ve settled in at home, it’s time to continue the bathroom renovation project. This weekend, I’ll be removing all of the millwork from the bathroom and demolishing all of the walls. Once that’s done, I’ll install some new wood studs and blocking around the bathtub so that I could mount the Schluter Kerdi Boards as they specify in their brochure. There’s so much to be done this week!

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Newsletter 045

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