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Newsletter 041

Newsletter 041

This week, I continued to develop the architectural design of the Micro Housing China project and focused my time on developing the interior design of the living units. I also decided that the ground floor would be transparent with a storefront glazing system and would be a large lobby for the occupants. Here are some of the preliminary design ideas for these two spaces.

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – When it rains, it pours

Earlier this week, I spoke with Andrea about our plans to renovate the bathroom in our home and we made a list of all the necessary items. We also decided to change more than half of the windows and nearly all the exterior trim in the house. Our budget was rising and we reached the peak of our financial comfort zone.

After attending an engineering student conference at the university, we drove home at night and took a shower. As I was taking a shower, I felt the water getting colder by the second and knew that something was wrong with my water heater. I finished my shower and made my way to the basement. As soon as I opened the door that leads to my basement, I heard water spilling over – almost like a cascading water fountain.

Ultimately, we had to purchase a new boiler and have a plumber install it the next day. When everything was done, we felt a weight life off our shoulders and we debated whether we should proceed with the other house projects. We decided to proceed and day by day, we felt less stressed about the realities of being a homeowner.

2. Best moment of the week – Planning and executing on my personal home projects

My last home renovation project was about two years ago when I initially purchased my house. At the time, I was living in an apartment with a month remaining on my lease and I closed on a small house in a fantastic area. After the family moved out, I had about 30 days to do any renovations and move into the house.

So, I decided to renovate my entire attic and turn it into a studio space and a full cosmetic renovation of the living, dining, and bedroom. All that’s left is to update some windows, change the exterior window trims, paint the exterior of the house, renovate the bathroom, and cosmetic work in my kitchen.

This week, Andrea and I had a professional window installer provide us an estimate for the window and trim work, made our list of products for the bathroom renovation, and changed our water heater (we didn’t have a choice with this one). We also decided to move forward with these projects, placed our order with the installer, and ordered/purchased nearly all the bathroom renovation materials.

Now, we need to figure out a start date and a deadline to finish these projects!

3. What I’m currently listening to – The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast

About a month ago, I discovered The Dave Ramsey Show podcast from an interior with Dave Ramsey on a different podcast. In the show, Ramsey has people call and discuss their financial difficulties or plans and get feedback on whether or not their next decision will lead to positive results. Although I don’t listen to the show on a regular basis, I’ve found myself affirming some of my own beliefs on personal finances, paying off debt, and investing in my future through the stories and feedback that Ramsey gives on his show. If you’re about to graduate from school or feel like you’re buried under your debt, this show can help you figure out a good plan. However, if you’re finances are in order, then this show will affirm your financial decisions.

4. 30x30 Project Update – Developing the ground floor design of the Micro Housing project in China

Currently, I’m working on the façade design and interior layout of the ground floor in the Micro Housing project in China. My initial design had no relationship to the remainder of the building. So I’ve taken a step back and brainstorm ways to carry the aesthetic of the exterior metal panel shades down to the ground floor. Then, I’ll organize the interior of the lobby and finalize the design of the ground floor.

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Newsletter 042

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