Journey of an Architect is a blog started by Tim Ung to document his journey to design 30 projects by the age of 30 (May 2020). His posts focus on his design process, thoughts, struggles, and successes throughout his journey.

Newsletter 033

Newsletter 033

My focus for this week was on finishing the schematic design of the ground floor and designing the lighting scheme on the reflected ceiling plan for every floor. With a week left on my project schedule, I’m moving into the visualization phase of this project, which will require material applications to all components in the Revit model, adding entourage to the spaces to be rendered, and selecting views for diagrams. Check out my material palette and draft renderings in this post!

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – Make an annual budget of a long-term dream

One of my life goals is to start and grow an architecture firm of my own in the near future. Every day, my urge to pursue my dream gets stronger and I find myself brainstorming ideas for financing and marketing my future firm. During a discussion with my girlfriend, Andrea, she started asked me a very good question.

“What’s holding you back from pursuing this dream of starting an architecture firm today?”

My answer was related to my current financial position and a fear of the unknown. After talking through some of my deepest fears, she moved onto the next question.

“How much do you need to save in order to feel comfortable pursuing this dream?” she asked.

Over the past two years, I’ve contemplated this question at least once a week. As she continued asking questions, I realized that I need to brainstorm an annual personal and start-up budget. When we both made it home, I pulled out my sketchbook and began creating my budgets. In doing so, I realized that my dream of starting an architecture firm is not really a financial issue for me.

What is really holding me back is my fear of the unknown.

2. Best moment of the week – Getting the most comfortable shoes in the world

For the last year, I’ve been on the search for a comfortable pair of shoes that were also minimal in its aesthetic and able to be worn with business casual attire. During this time, I came across a new shoe company called Allbirds and have debated purchasing a pair of their shoes ever since.

Incidentally, last week, my dog got hold of my only pair of dress shoes while I was at the office and ate through both of them. This gave me a very good reason to purchase a new pair of shoes and without much thought, I ordered a pair from Allbirds. Needless to say, the shoes are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes that I’ve ever worn! The natural fleece material is very soft, not itchy, and flexible. The soles and padding of the shoes are fantastic and they provide support at the arch. Best of all, they’re lightweight and easy to slip on!

3. What I’m currently listening to – Tim Ferriss Podcast Interview with Matt Mullenweg

I’ve been listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast episodes very selectively and one of the interviews that I listened to this week is an interview with Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Wordpress. The interview is very casual and Mullenweg talks about how he does a lot with less. It’s an enlightening discussion that reveals the strength of letting go of smaller issues and finding tools to help you resolve larger ones in an efficient manner. It’s a long interview, but definitely worth a listen!

4. 30x30 Project Update – Setting materials & placing entourage

After developing the lighting layouts for the ceilings in the NYC Net Zero Public Housing, I’ve been focusing on setting materials and placing entourage in the apartments. So far, I’ve managed to set almost all of the materials for the building components and placed large furniture pieces in the apartments. I’ll need to add more décor to the spaces to be rendered and come up with all of the final diagrams, drawings, and renderings this week!

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