Journey of an Architect is a blog started by Tim Ung to document his journey to design 30 projects by the age of 30 (May 2020). His posts focus on his design process, thoughts, struggles, and successes throughout his journey.

Newsletter 026

Newsletter 026

Recently, I received an email from a follower of this blog who asked for advice or book suggestions that will give him insight into the organization and business side of scaling an architecture firm to work on larger projects. So I’ve decided to do my best at answering this question through this post and I’ll focus first on organizing your architecture firm and then touch on some of the important business aspects of larger projects. Check out my 10 tips for growing an architecture firm for larger projects in this post.

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – Create great things and be patient for feedback

As architects, we often spend as much time as we can on putting together our best design for our projects. Little do we know this strive for perfection takes over other parts of our lives that lead to some obsessive compulsive disorders like organizing our closets in a very particular way or the need to align everything in our marketing materials. Whenever we put our best foot forward and showcase our hard work to the world, there’s a part of us that hopes to hear back from someone out there in the world.

That’s how I’ve felt throughout the life of this blog, Journey of an Architect. Over the past year, I’ve taken the time to refine my blog and joined other fellow architect bloggers called #architalks. This past week, one of my posts called “Almost 40 Tips for Starting an Architecture Firm” was shared by the American Institute of Architects on LinkedIn, which led to an increase in viewers on my blog and some feedback from a new follower.

This experience helped me realize that taking the time to produce great content and sharing it with the world will eventually lead to interactions with others. All the good things in life take time and hard work, so I’ll continue developing my 30x30 projects and writing about my journey as an architect.

2. Best moment of the week – Spending my staycation at home

Ever since I moved out of my family’s home in New York City for school in Buffalo, NY, I’ve always visited my family or traveled somewhere for my vacations. However, for the past week, I decided to spend my vacation at my house in Buffalo, NY and not travel. At the beginning of the vacation, I thought it would get boring and that I would have the urge to travel somewhere for a few nights.

Although the idea of going somewhere did cross my mind, spending my time at home with my girlfriend and dog was probably the best vacation that I’ve had in a long time. Whenever I traveled for my vacations, I never felt as if I relaxed enough and I would return to work at the office exhausted from too much driving or lack of good sleep.

Staying at home, I was able to spend time with my loved ones reflecting on the past year, planning our goals for the upcoming year, taking care of minor tasks like cleaning the house and finishing anything that we’ve put off for a long time. Now, we’ve caught up with our normal people lives and we’ve had time to catch up on reading our books and getting a head start on our goals for the new year!

3. What I’m currently reading – Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran

This week, I purchased the book Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran, which has been a very engaging and informative read on her life as an entrepreneur. She goes through her career in real estate and explains how she grew her business through her childhood stories. Corcoran does a great job at explaining her success and failures along with the reasons behind her decisions that led to those results. It was such a good read that I was able to finish it in two evenings!

4. 30x30 Project Update – Completing project 7x30, Field of Light

This week, I decided to pursue project 7x30, Field of Light, which is my submission for the Amsterdam Light Festival’s call for entries. The idea for my proposal comes from my thesis project for my Masters degree in Architecture and focuses on creating an installation that allows visitors to interact with a diffusion of light. You can learn more about it on my Field of Light project page here.

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