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Newsletter 022

Newsletter 022

There’s always an overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness that every Architect has when they finish any digital model. This week, my friends and I finally completed our Revit model of project 3x30 One Seneca Tower! Check out some exterior views of our model in this very brief post.

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Four!

1. Lesson of the week – There’s a great feeling that comes with giving to others

After I graduated from architecture school, I decided to live on a very tight budget while I paid back my student loans and any other debts. While paying a significant amount of money towards my loans, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the ability to save some money. I’ve also always wanted to give back to the people who have helped me get to where I am and who are always guiding me when I’m lost.

During my time at home in New York City with my family, I had long talks with my mother over some homemade food and listened to her talk about the mattress that she’s been sleeping on. To make a long story short, her bed is a small futon the size of a twin size bed and it’s been in our family for over two decades.

Needless to say, the springs in the futon are piercing through the fabric and she was in need of a new mattress. So without hesitation, I ordered her a new mattress from Tuft and Needle, gave her a fantastic firm pillow from Brookstone, and talked to my siblings about buying her a bedframe for her new bed. This meant the world to my mother and she’s excited to try her new bed, which is priceless to me.

As this year begins to come to an end, take some time to give back to someone who has helped you!

2. Best moment of the week – Spending time with family and friends in NYC

Every year, I visit my family in NYC and spend time with my family and close friends on at least 4 major holidays. This week, I spent a lot of time with my siblings and my mother at home where we ate some fantastic homemade food. We also celebrated the fact that everyone in my family were together again for the holidays, which wasn’t the case for the past couple of years.

On Thanksgiving Day, I spent time with my girlfriend's family and ate some fantastic Puerto Rican food and used Uber for the first time! I also enjoyed a nice walk in Central Park with one of my closest friends as we caught up with each other on our lives and plans for the future. Then, there was the annual brunch with 16 of our friends! What a great week catching up with my family and friends.

When we’re so passionate about our careers and projects, we tend to get caught up in a moment where time flees. So remember to spend time away from your projects and enjoy your time with family and friends.

3. What I’m currently listening to – The Business of Architecture Podcast by Enoch Sears

I’ve been following Enoch Sears’ podcast, the Business of Architecture for a little while now and I was excited to see his new episodes where he interviewed Eric Reinholdt from 30x40 and publisher of Architecture + Entrepreneur. After listening to this interview, I learned so much about alternative paths to gaining an income outside of architecture. In fact, I’ve been learning about passive income for some time now, so it was fascinating to hear an Architect’s perspective on the subject. It’s definitely worth a listen!

4. 30x30 Project Update – One Seneca Tower Revit model is complete!

After a few months of hard work over the weekends, my friends and I have finally completed our Revit model for 3x30 One Seneca Tower! Our next step is to apply materials to the model, setup cameras, make any last minute modifications, and develop final graphics for the project! With one more month to go, it’s time to focus and get the project done.

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