Project 22x30 - Mars Leather Company

Year: 2018

Project Brief:

As I continued sharing all of the products that I was making with my leatherworking hobby on Instagram, I began hearing great feedback from my friends who loved the designs and aesthetics. This gave me momentum as I explored new products from small wallets to large tote bags. Little by little, my hobby became an obsession and my creative outlet from the world of architecture.

In April of 2018, I decided to start Mars Leather Company and formed my Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of New York. With a lot of passion and excitement for this new endeavor, I was on my way to starting my first online retail company.

Mars Leather Company is not meant to take over my full time job, but instead, it’s a hobby that I intend to keep as something fun that I do outside of my life as an architect. It helps me maintain my creativity by focusing on design issues in a different field that forces me to think differently. The feeling that comes from starting a company and pursuing my hobby as an escape from my day to day life as an architect is something that I hope every creative can find as well.

Designing the Brand

One of the questions that I get a lot from my friends is, “Why call the retail store, Mars Leather Company?” I’ve always been inspired by the universe and the way that we’re beginning to travel to planets beyond what we once thought was possible. Mission after mission, humanity is getting closer to setting foot on planets that are further away. We’re doing this with the sole purpose of exploring and learning about our universe.

Mars is one of those planets where humanity is beginning to see opportunities. From developing our technology to reaching and exploring the planet to imagining the possibility of colonizing the planet, we’re forced to ask and answer questions that end in probable outcomes.

Similar to our exploration of the universe, Mars Leather Company represents my passion and excitement for designing and making unique leather products out of high quality top and full grain leather. It’s my exploration of the leather frontier and sharing the outcomes with the world. Every product is designed with simplicity, aesthetic, and function in mind.


As I continue exploring new designs with my leather products, I find that I’m constantly searching for better and innovative ways of improving my process, product finishes, and so on. I’m quickly learning that the most important part of owning a retail business is making my products and sharing my ideas with the world. To be bold, be honest, and always stay true to my ideas.

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