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Finalizing the Timber Residential Skyscraper Design Renders

After a month and a half of designing the Timber Residential Skyscraper, I’m excited to say that I’ve completed the project ahead of the deadline! Over the past week, I focused on developing the final renderings for the project, which took the most time because I had to set perspectives, materials, and Photoshop each one. Here are the final renderings for the Timber Residential Skyscraper.

Finalizing the Sky Mausoleum Project

After two months of working on the Sky Mausoleum project, I’ve completed the design and proposal ahead of schedule! From last week to now, I’ve taken these renderings and post processed them in Photoshop. I also asked a good friend of mine if he could visit the site and take some photographs for a street view rendering. Here are the final renderings for the project and what’s next on my 30x30 list.

Micro Housing China Initial Renders

With my bathroom renovation complete, I made some extra time at night to focus on project 12x30 Micro Housing China. Picking up from where I left off on the project, the overall design of the project is complete and all that’s left is finalizing a project site in China and developing graphics. So this week, my focus was to find an ideal location for the Micro Housing China project and develop renderings using photographs and/or street view images. Here is the final location for the project and some of the initial renderings!

Finalizing the NYC Net Zero Public Housing Project

After a month of working on the NYC Net Zero Public Housing as a part of my 30x30 architecture goal, I’ve met my deadline and finalized the project. Picking up from where I left off last week, I refined my Revit model of the project, added materials and entourage, and went through several iterations of draft renderings for each perspective. Here’s a brief overview of how I developed the project’s graphics.

One Seneca Tower Rendering - Trials and Errors

Creating an architectural rendering is always both fun and time consuming. As architects, we're always trying to make everything as perfect as it can be, which makes us shift objects over a few inches and change an object's material multiple times to find the right shade for the render. This is what I've been up to as I complete each rendering for Project 3x30 One Seneca Tower. Check out the first rendering for the project in this post!

NYC Micro Dwellings Architecture Renders

How do architects take photographs of their project’s site and combine it with their 3D models to create a realistic visual to present to their clients? Learn more in this post where I take the photographs for the NYC Micro Dwellings from last week and combine it with 3D renderings of the project to create a visual to present to clients.