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Three Tiers of Prefabrication

In the 21st century, architects often talk about prefabricated buildings as large assemblies of the final construction that are delivered to the project site, craned into position, and finished on site. However, there are different tiers of prefabrication that start from individual parts that come together into a component and eventually combined into an assembly that becomes the final product. Having a deeper understanding of the term “prefabrication” will allow us to utilize more efficient methods of building and shift the preconceived notion behind the terminology. Let me explain.

Sustainable Modular Home Precedent

An architect that I’ve recently discovered and have been fascinated by is Michelle Kaufmann who wrote a book called prefab green. This book focuses on Kaufmann’s vision to design sustainable modular houses that the middle class can afford. As part of my research for my 28th project of my 30x30 series that focuses on kit houses, Kaufmann’s work is influential in the way that she deconstructed the kit house model and redesigned it based on the standards of the 21st century. Here’s what I’ve learned about the possibilities of a 21st century prefabricated house.

Setting Materials for Sky Mausoleum

Although this week has been busy with lots of work at the architecture firm, I found a little bit of time every evening to continue developing the interior design of Sky Mausoleum. As I mentioned last week, my goal was to design seating along the walls in every mausoleum, adjust light fixtures, design the stone container for holding the ashes of loved ones, and setting materials. Here’s how far the interior design has come since last week.

Field of Light Final Submission

During the beginning of March 2017, I received an email from the host of the Amsterdam Light Festival competition notifying me that I made it to the second round! Out of over 800 entries from more than 50 countries around the world, only 100 participants were selected to move to the final round. This round will result in a selection of 30 winners who will build their light art installation in Amsterdam, NL. Here’s the final submission that my friend, David Heaton, and I developed together.

Positive Energy Architecture Research for 2017

For the past three weeks, I’ve been brainstorming and reading books/articles on sustainable architecture so that I could learn more about high efficiency construction technology and materials in the 21st century. While researching high efficiency architecture and design, I’ve come across several materials and design ideas that will influence my 30x30 architecture projects for 2017. Learn more about them in this post!

Material development for 5x30 through renderings

As I continue to develop project 5x30 - restaurant and apartment renovation for my friend's building, I decided to focus on coming up with a material palette for both the restaurant and studio apartments. Learn more about how I worked through draft renderings from Revit and the cloud to develop a material palette for these spaces in this post!

Learning about Structurally Insulated Panels

Today, I had the opportunity to meet with a local Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) manufacturer to learn more about the product. From its structural capabilities to its insulation values and simple on-site construction, this building material is fantastic for many types of projects. Check out my notes from today's meeting with the SIP manufacturer in this post.