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50 Tools and Apps for Architects of 2019

There are plenty of tools, devices, apps, and software that I use every day as an architect that I’ve found helpful in streamlining my day to day activities. From being able to work at home or while traveling to efficiently working through issues that arise during construction, the tools and apps that I’ll be sharing in this post have made my life as an architect manageable and more comfortable than ever before. Here are 50 tools and apps that I would recommend to any architect in 2019 divided into two sections: Tools & Devices and Apps & Software.

Young Architects and Our Journey Through Debt

As young architects, a majority of us graduate from architecture school and enter the workforce with substantial amounts of debt. A majority of us are faced with earning at or less than the average salary as starting architects. In hopes of changing the perception of the younger generation as being entitled and selfish, here's how debt cripples a majority of new architecture graduates entering the workforce in the 21st century.

A Young Professionals Financial Reality

Back in the summer of 2013, I graduated from architecture school with a Masters of Architecture degree at the age of 23. As soon as I walked across the stage and took the blank diploma, my journey into the real world began. Then, I received an email congratulating me for graduating followed by a note that my 6 month grace period has started. It was at this moment that I realized I just set foot into the professional world with a net worth well below zero. Sound familiar to you? Here are 10 important things that I learned about my finances as a young professional.