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Final proposal for 3x30 One Seneca Tower

After working on project 3x30, One Seneca Tower, with my two friends, we finally completed our Revit model, rendered out the views that captured our ideas, and developed our final graphics for the project. Just like any design phase of an architecture project, seeing all of our hard work come together in a complete set of graphics makes all of our trials and tribulations worthwhile. Check out our final design proposal for 3x30 One Seneca Tower here!

One Seneca Tower Rendering - Trials and Errors

Creating an architectural rendering is always both fun and time consuming. As architects, we're always trying to make everything as perfect as it can be, which makes us shift objects over a few inches and change an object's material multiple times to find the right shade for the render. This is what I've been up to as I complete each rendering for Project 3x30 One Seneca Tower. Check out the first rendering for the project in this post!