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Finalizing the NYC Net Zero Public Housing Project

After a month of working on the NYC Net Zero Public Housing as a part of my 30x30 architecture goal, I’ve met my deadline and finalized the project. Picking up from where I left off last week, I refined my Revit model of the project, added materials and entourage, and went through several iterations of draft renderings for each perspective. Here’s a brief overview of how I developed the project’s graphics.

Visualization Phase for NYC Net Zero Public Housing Project

My focus for this week was on finishing the schematic design of the ground floor and designing the lighting scheme on the reflected ceiling plan for every floor. With a week left on my project schedule, I’m moving into the visualization phase of this project, which will require material applications to all components in the Revit model, adding entourage to the spaces to be rendered, and selecting views for diagrams. Here are my thoughts on materials and draft renderings of the building.

Schematic Design for NYC Net Zero Public Housing Project

After coming up with concept sketches for the NYC Net Zero Public Housing Project, I started a new Revit model, setup a 10’ x 10’ grid, and began modeling the exterior concrete walls and the interior partitions. Once I translated my hand sketch into the Revit model, I focused on designing the four different apartments that would be mirrored and copied to the floors above. Check out what I accomplished over the past week and some of the issues that I’ll be working through in the upcoming week in this post!

Preliminary Design for 2017 Project 1

After planning out my goals for 2017 and doing some background research into this year’s positive energy design building materials and technologies, I came across a new architecture competition that focuses on affordable housing in New York City. While reading through the project brief, I found so many similarities between the competition’s vision and my very first 30x30 project, the NYC Micro Dwellings, and decided to pursue the competition. Learn more in this post!