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NYC Micro Dwellings Architecture Renders

How do architects take photographs of their project’s site and combine it with their 3D models to create a realistic visual to present to their clients? Learn more in this post where I take the photographs for the NYC Micro Dwellings from last week and combine it with 3D renderings of the project to create a visual to present to clients.

NYC Micro Dwelling Materials and Site Photos

How do architects decide on the materials that will be used in their projects and visualize it to share with clients? Learn more about how the NYC Micro Dwellings’ exterior materials were selected and see some of the initial photographs that will be used to visualize the building within its site context in this post.

Introduction to NYC Micro Dwellings

Have you ever wondered how the price of renting and owning property in New York City reached the point where it’s unattainable for a family with an average household income? Here’s a brief history of how the price of living grew over a century along with an idea for how we can continue providing adequate and healthy living environments for New Yorkers.