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Completing the High End Residence Project

Over the past week, I’ve been working hard to finish up project 17x30 the High End Residence project in Buffalo, NY. By focusing at least two hours every day, I was able to take the project from the point of final design to final graphics and complete the project! It’s been a week full of long nights and many moments of wanting to stop and take a break, but I made it through to the end and I can start focusing on my next project! Here’s how the project came together.

Finalizing the High End Residence Design

Now that my eBook, Starting an Architecture Firm, is complete, I’m now concurrently focusing on four projects; finishing the single family high end residence project, marketing the eBook, developing a podcast with Mike LaValley of Evolving Architect, and refining my leatherworking process on my new laser cutter. Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that I’m juggling all of these amazing projects and making so much progress on each one. This week, I’ve been able to finalize the design of the High End Residence. Here’s an update on the project with some preliminary rendering views!

Starting the Revit Model of the High End Residence

As I continued developing the conceptual design of the residential project, I decided to into Revit and begin the BIM modeling process. There were several strong ideas embedded in the sectional sketch that I developed and I know that the overall design will be refined through the modeling process. Seeing this sketch come to life in 3 dimensions will allow me to continue modifying the design of the residential project. Check out the progress that I made on the model this week.

Initial Design Ideas for a High End Residence

With several projects underway, I devoted a night to develop some initial design ideas and a sketch for project 17x30, the high end single family residence in Buffalo, NY. For this particular house, the goal is to provide adequate amounts of space that are separated into private areas and gathering areas. This led to the idea of building one level of the house into the ground and partially revealing a portion of the second floor. Here’s an overview of the design concept for project 17x30.

17x30 Single Family High End Residential Project

For the first 30x30 project of 2018, I’ve decided to design a single family high end residential project in Buffalo, New York as project 17x30. This is different from my previous projects which have been either very large in scale or an exhibition piece. To start this project off, I’ve already located a site and generated some basic design ideas that will evolve in the upcoming weeks. Here’s how I found a project site and some initial design ideas.