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Making a Leather Tote Bag

Back in October 2017, I set out on a new adventure with my life and blog to explore the world of leatherworking. Looking back at the original blog post where I shared some photographs of the steps that I took to make the tote bag, I realized how far my leatherworking abilities have come and decided it was time to update this blog post. Here’s a short guide to how I make leather tote bags for Mars Leather Company.

Adding Leather Products to my 30x30 Goal

During late Autumn of 2017, I thought about various crafts that I’ve always been intrigued by and wanted to try. One of those crafts was leatherworking particularly for making accessories and bags. However, it was difficult for me to get into the trade because I didn’t have the tools nor the space in my family’s New York City apartment that allowed for leatherworking. Now that I have the space and resources to pursue leatherworking, I’ve decided to make my leather products a part of my 30x30 goal. Here’s what I’ve made so far.