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Finalizing the Timber Residential Skyscraper Design

This week’s focus was on finalizing the design of the Timber Residential Skyscraper project, which meant figuring out the form and potential programs of the ground floor and first floor of the building. Once these design tasks were complete, I switched my focus to the outdoor space on the second floor of the building, which would be privately used by the residents. Check out how the final design for the Timber Residential Skyscraper came together in this week's post.

Timber Residential Skyscraper Site

As I slowly transition back to working on the Timber Residential Skyscraper from my holiday vacation, I’ve decided to focus on finding a site for the project. Like many of my previous projects, I decided that the Timber Residential Skyscraper should be located in New York City where there are many other skyscrapers. Here’s how I found on a site for this theoretical project.

Finalizing the Residential Timber Skyscraper Interior Design

This week, I’ve been continuing to design the interior of the residential timber skyscraper and I focused on the upper floors. These floors will contain two luxury residential units with three bedrooms, a large kitchen with an island capable of seating six people, an official dining room, and several gathering spaces throughout. Here’s a short update on the residential timber skyscraper project.

Design Development of Residential Timber Skyscraper

Over the past week, I’ve been working hard on developing the design of project 14x30 Residential Timber Skyscraper. Working from my sketches, I started creating a Revit model of the design and immediately started refining some of my original design ideas. Fortunately, the design has been coming together and I’m about halfway through the project! Here’s how far the project has come from the hand sketches last week.

Residential Timber Skyscraper

While reading a book at my local coffee shop, I suddenly had an urge to design a skyscraper. Initially, I thought of making this project a core and shell building to study various forms and façade ideas. However, as I started sketching some elevations, I quickly found that having an understanding of the interior program and layout of the building is important for determining the form and façade design. As I began sketching project 14x30, Residential Timber Skyscraper, I decided to design the residential units as modules that would stack to create the building. Here’s the initial design idea for the Residential Timber Skyscraper.