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Thoughts on finishing Micro Housing China

Last week, I focused on creating and gathering all of the graphics for project 12x30 Micro Housing China, which was one of my longest theoretical projects to date. When I started the project back in the middle of March, I thought I’d have enough time in my evening schedule to complete it within a month. However, as unexpected as life generally is, my travel schedule filled up and two other projects came up. Here are two important lessons I’ve learned from working on project 12x30, Micro Housing China.

Micro Housing China Initial Renders

With my bathroom renovation complete, I made some extra time at night to focus on project 12x30 Micro Housing China. Picking up from where I left off on the project, the overall design of the project is complete and all that’s left is finalizing a project site in China and developing graphics. So this week, my focus was to find an ideal location for the Micro Housing China project and develop renderings using photographs and/or street view images. Here is the final location for the project and some of the initial renderings!

Micro Housing in China Facade Design

Moving onto the next design area of the Micro Housing project in China, I finalized the floor plans for the living unit floors and stack them to the height of the skyscraper. Since two sides of the building will be party walls against their neighbors and another wall will be dedicated to the egress tower, there will only be one primary façade on the building. How can this façade be dynamic and showcase the ever changing lives of the inhabitants? Check out my solution in this post!

Initial thoughts for a 1000 sqft skyscraper

Now that I’ve started designing the affordable housing project in Hong Kong, I set a constraint for the project that will guide its development. The constraint for the project is to design a skyscraper that will be no larger than 1000sqft per floor. In addition, a primary objective for the building is that must have the ability to grow in relation to the need for affordable housing. Here’s how my design is coming along so far.

Next Project - Affordable Housing in Hong Kong

Now that the NYC Net Zero Public Housing project and my materials for the second round of the Amsterdam Light Festival have been submitted, it’s time to start developing the next project! Continuing with the theme of affordable housing, I’ve decided to continue researching this issue on a global scale. In fact, I’ve decided to start researching affordable housing in another dense population, Hong Kong. Learn more about my initial research in this post!