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An Architects Home and Studio Project

One of my ongoing personal projects is my house that I’m constantly fixing and renovating. When I purchased my house at the age of 25 in June 2015, I had two months left on my apartment lease to renovate over 50% of the interior before officially moving into my home. In the summer of 2017, more fixer upper and necessary renovation projects were done. Thus, I’ve decided to dedicate one of my 30x30 projects to this never-ending renovation of my own house and studio. Here’s what I’ve learned from these home renovation projects.

The Reality of Starting a Bathroom Renovation

After picking up all of the materials for my bathroom renovation, I brainstormed a good day to start this new project. As I held my forehead and stared at my desk, I thought to myself, why not start now? So on a Friday evening, I walked my dog and took my last shower in the outdated bathroom, and brought over a scraper, hammer, and work gloves. Here are eight learning experiences that I’ve had so far in my bathroom renovation project.