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Final edits for my first written book

Final edits for my first written book

Over the past week, I’ve been working hard on writing the remainder of my book, revising it on my own, and putting it together for a final editing review. As I got further along in writing the book, I slowly found my passion for writing which encouraged me to continue pushing myself to meet my April launch deadline for Starting an Architecture Firm. I’m excited to say that the draft is complete and is being reviewed and edited by my girlfriend, Andrea, and I over the next week. Here are some screenshots of what the book looks like and how you can be the first to get a sample and purchase a copy!

Designing the body of the book

Starting an Architecture Firm Section Spread

From where I left off last week with completing the first draft of Starting an Architecture Firm, I went into the revision process of the book where I individually opened every section, read through everything that I wrote, and added, subtracted, and refined the writing. I made big decisions for the entire book like changing the voice from saying “you” to saying “we”. This simple modification added a friendly tone throughout the book that I personally believe makes the reader feel like they’re on a journey with other people.

After revising the entire book, it was time to jump into designing the interior layout of the book. My first step was to take my copy of Massimo Vignelli’s book, The Vignelli Canon, and refreshing myself on the organized and minimal graphic style of one of my favorite designers. Once I made it through specific chapters that pertained to how I wanted to design Starting an Architecture Firm, I created a template in Adobe InDesign for every chapter and section of the book. Then, I copied and formatted all of my writing from my Microsoft Word files into InDesign and compiled the body of the book.

Designing the Table of Contents

Starting an Architecture Firm Table of Contents

When all of the chapters and sections were properly formatted, I switched my focus to designing the table of contents. For this part of the book, I decided to have it appear as a spread where the Table of Contents would start on the left page and end on the following page. This way, a reader could get an overview of the entire book in one view.

Designing the book cover

Starting an Architecture Firm Cover

The last part of Starting an Architecture Firm that I designed was the book cover, which I wanted to be minimal, simple, and professional. For this reason, I decided to go with a graphic approach using a typeface with sharp lines and a single tone background. The font color is white so that it creates a contrast with the grey background and pops from the page.

Getting a sample and pre-ordering the book

Now that the book is nearing completion, I really wanted to share a small portion of it with you for being a supporter and follower of my blog. If you’re interested in getting a sample of the book, all you need to do is sign up for my Friday Four Newsletter, which is a weekly newsletter where I share the best moment of my week, biggest lesson I learned, what content I’m consuming, and progress on my 30x30 projects. Right after you sign up, you’ll be able to download a sample of the book and be notified when the Starting an Architecture Firm is available for pre-order!

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