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50 Tools and Apps for Architects of 2019

There are plenty of tools, devices, apps, and software that I use every day as an architect that I’ve found helpful in streamlining my day to day activities. From being able to work at home or while traveling to efficiently working through issues that arise during construction, the tools and apps that I’ll be sharing in this post have made my life as an architect manageable and more comfortable than ever before. Here are 50 tools and apps that I would recommend to any architect in 2019 divided into two sections: Tools & Devices and Apps & Software.

5 Reasons why architects need to take time off

Over the 4 years of my career as an architect, I’ve always felt guilty about taking time off at the architecture firm for a vacation. Perhaps it’s due to my millennial mindset that I constantly tell myself that if I work hard now, I’ll have time and money to relax in the future. However, I’m quickly starting to realize the importance of taking time off and exposing my mind to different experiences. Here are 5 reasons why architects should take time off and explore the world.

My 5 Favorite Booths at the AIA 2017 Expo

At every conference that I’ve ever attended, I’ve always made time to stop by the expo area where manufacturers put their best foot forward and showcase their products. At the AIA 2017 conference on architecture, I walked through the entire expo and spent a lot of my time at the technology area as well as one manufacturer’s booth. Here are my 5 favorite technology and manufacturer booths at the AIA 2017 conference expo hall.

Airbnb experience in a hand built cabin in the forest

What is it like to live off the grid in a beautiful cabin perched on a hill? After staying at a historic gothic church home from Airbnb in Perth, ON, my girlfriend and I made our way to a beautiful cabin perched on a hill located in Mariposa Farms in Plantagenet, ON. We found this unique architectural gem on Airbnb and had a wonderful and relaxing experience.
Check out our trip in this post!

Airbnb experience in a Historic Gothic Stone Church Home

What better way to rejuvenate the mind of an architect than staying at unique places? With the summer coming to an end, my girlfriend and I were ready to head out on our first Airbnb vacation. The first place where we stayed for a night was a historic gothic stone church home located in Perth, Ontario. Learn more about our trip and how you can reserve a room in this post!