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Bar and Apartment Renovation Draft Renders

Bar and Apartment Renovation Draft Renders

Now that I’ve completed project 6x30 – competition, I’m now switching my focus to submitting my projects for any related design awards and working on my friend’s restaurant and apartment renovation project. We spoke a few weeks ago about a schematic design that I’ve come up with for his building and he was excited to see the floor plans.

5x30 Restaurant and Apartment Floor Plans

Setting up interior views for rendering

After going over the floor plans and reviewing a fee proposal that I put together for this project, my friend and I decided that the next step would be visualizing the spaces. We thought that the overall design of the restaurant and apartment has come along great and it was time to think about materials and the layout of the tables and the bar.

So I setup a view behind the seating booths looking towards the bar and entrance of the restaurant, applied materials to the walls and furniture, and ran a test render of the space. I waited about 5 minutes for it to finish in the cloud and realized that I forgot to change some components from the “existing” phase to “new construction”.

Due to this error, the existing walls and storefront glass rendered as solid surfaces in a default medium grey color. From this test render, I was also able to see that the pendant lights hanging over the table were too low and the material of the bar stools were also missing. Just like any project, setting up materials takes a lot of finessing and it’s always a good idea to run a fast draft rendering to catch anything that might’ve been overlooked.

Draft renderings number 2

Once I finished reviewing the initial draft render, it was time to correct the errors and work on a second draft rendering of the project. So I setup a view at the end of the bar looking towards the old storefront entrance of the building. This particular view captures most of the restaurant space and it’ll help me determine the material palette of the space.

After sending the rendering to the cloud, it was complete within about 10 minutes and I was able to determine the next refinements to the design of the restaurant space. The first change will be the pendant lights because they are out of proportion within the space. The second change will be the material of the booth, which is showing as a default grey. The third is the floor of the space, which is currently showing as concrete, but will be wood planks. The third is the grey surface that’s showing on the wall enclosing the staircase and beneath the bar. The last and biggest change will be the wood material of all of the furniture and surfaces.

Another view that I setup along with this updated restaurant perspective was a view in one of the apartments. This particular view is from the front of the bathroom looking towards the multi-purpose living and sleeping space at the other end of the apartment. It captures the entire studio apartment and focuses the viewer on the kitchen space and the floor to ceiling storage.

Revisions to the apartment’s materials will include wood flooring, white walls, and a different kitchen counter material. Currently, I’m thinking it’ll either be a white solid surface material or a butcher block counter to keep the wood theme throughout the space. Other than these minor changes, my friend and I are considering the addition of skylights to the apartments to bring more natural light into the narrow space.

Next Steps

As I develop the final renderings of the interior of the restaurant and apartment, I’ll continue refining the Revit model and design. My plan is to have final renderings completed and placed on a board by the end of September so that my friend could start using the visuals to market his idea to the community and potential investors.

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