Journey of an Architect is a blog started by Tim Ung to share his architecture and design ideas through speculative projects. His posts focus on his design process, thoughts, struggles, and successes throughout his journey.

What’s Next for Journey of an Architect

What’s Next for Journey of an Architect

Back in January 2016, I started Journey of an Architect as a goal to design 30 speculative projects by the time I turn 30 in May 2020. By July 2019, I accomplished this goal with projects spanning from architecture to product design and others, which you can see on my projects page. After completing this journey, I decided to take the month of August off to relax, reflect, and plan the future of my career and this blog. Here’s what’s to come for Journey of an Architect and my career.

Avoiding Burnout

Before we get into the exciting future of this blog, there’s something I need to share that many creatives eventually encounter, but never tell others. As I finished the 30th project on my 30x30 journey, juggling my day to day work at an architecture firm reached a point where I started to burn out. Without really knowing that this was happening, I felt the negative impacts on my physical and mental health. It was as if I was always exhausted even if I slept a full 8 hours every night. Even when I took time off and did absolutely nothing, I still felt this weird feeling in my brain that slowed down my thought processes.

Fortunately, I have great people around me who I confide in and share everything with. Each of these people pointed out that something seemed off about me and that they thought I was burning out.

Burning out? Me? That can’t be. These were the thoughts that swirled through my mind every night as I did my best to close out every project. Once project 30 was complete, I knew if I didn’t take a long break, I would actually burn out. So, that’s what the month of August focused on. Me.

How am I feeling now? Well, a good friend of mine who experienced burnout once pointed out that he never felt as if he got over burning out. He took a long time off, focused on himself, and eventually found balance and harmony in his life. These are the things that fell out of sync and he slowly put the pieces together. That’s exactly how I’m feeling at this moment. The pieces didn’t necessary fall apart, but they got to a point where I needed to slow down and be more thoughtful about everything in my life.

With that said, the first and most important part of the future of my career and Journey of an Architect is to find the balance and harmony that I need to stay healthy in my life and my career.

Designing Architecture

Every day, I have ideas for architecture that I’d like to develop further as a speculative project and eventually, I’d like to find clients who have the same beliefs. These ideas range from zero energy and zero waste architecture to affordable buildings for families and tiny houses to skyscrapers. There’s always something that I want to learn more about and share with the world.

The future of Journey of an Architect will focus on speculative architecture based on personal interests and ideas that I have about specific typologies, prospective use of new materials, and explorations of buildings within different sectors. Whether it’s a private luxury residence on an island, speculating on the future of architecture for education and public housing, using new materials in conjunction with technology and architecture to combat climate change, I’m excited to design architecture that matters to me.

Writing on Architecture

One of the things that slowed down with the blog and that I never truly shared with everyone are blog posts about architectural ideas that matter to me. With every project that I designed as part of the 30x30 series, I started by sharing my process of designing them through blog posts. Eventually, it became less about the ideas behind the project and more of the technical execution of them.

To be honest, I’ve had a fear of publicly sharing my design ideas, work, and opinions related to architecture and design. My goal for the future of Journey of an Architect is to develop a voice for myself through blog posts and social media posts about ideas that I believe can shape the world. Through every project that I design moving forward and with the ones that I’ve already designed through my journey, I’ll be sharing the ideas that shape every project in my portfolio. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to be part of the open sharing of ideas and discussions!

Growing a following

When I started the blog, I remember telling my good friend, Mike LaValley from Evolving Architect, that I wasn’t focused on growing an audience for the blog. It would always focus on developing projects and sharing the process along the way. Eventually, I always hoped to have more followers who were interested in seeing what I was up to and cheering on my progress along the way.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to gain followers, like you, who have commented and emailed me to ask a question and to compliment the work that I’ve been developing. It feels great to know that there are people out there who are inspired by the work and blog posts that I share.

As such, I’d like to pair my goal of writing on architecture with growing a following so I can have more interactions with followers like you. I’m interested in knowing what people think of my architectural designs and ideas. The more constructive feedback I can get from more people, the better I can become as a designer and person. Of course, there will be times when I disagree with someone’s constructive criticism, but that’s my opportunity to learn how to be part of a larger discussion.


There have been a lot of ideas going through my head about the future of Journey of an Architect and I’m excited about the four that I shared in this post. I’ve refined all my ideas to this handful because I wanted the blog to stay focused around architecture and professional development. Primarily, I’d like the blog to be centered around architecture and ideas that matters to me. I want to find my position in the vast world of design and put myself out in front of the world to see what like-minded ideas arise or oppositions that follow. There’s a lot for me to continue exploring and I’m excited to continue sharing my development as an architect through this blog. I hope you’ll continue following my journey as an architect! Thank you for being part of it and I’m excited to share more projects and posts soon.

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