Micro Housing China Initial Renders

With my bathroom renovation complete, I made some extra time at night to focus on project 12x30 Micro Housing China. Picking up from where I left off on the project, the overall design of the project is complete and all that’s left is finalizing a project site in China and developing graphics. So this week, my focus was to find an ideal location for the Micro Housing China project and develop renderings using photographs and/or street view images. Here is the final location for the project and some of the initial renderings!

5 Mentors that are in my life

From my sophomore year of high school to now, I’ve always surrounded myself with people that I admire and that I can openly seek advice. To this day, I call these people my good friends and will always feel that way about them. However, others would say that they’re my mentors who are guiding me through my life. Through their guidance and eyes, they have informed and witnessed my failures and success in my education, career, and life as an architect. Here are the 5 types of mentors that are in my life.

Communicating Architecture through Sketches

One of the most powerful tools that designers and architects use to communicate their ideas is freehand sketching. This simple act of putting pen to paper allows the architect to translate thoughts and words into forms and abstract visuals. These visual interpretations build and refine until it works within the given parameters and combines the primary conceptual ideas. However, I've found that many young architects are afraid or not used to developing their ideas through sketches. Here are stories of my old fears with sketching and how I gained the confidence to sketch at all design meetings. 

15 Day Full Bathroom Renovation

At some point in every homeowner’s life, there will come a time when the idea of a bathroom renovation becomes a reality. After two years of living in my home, I finally decided to move forward with my bathroom renovation project without any prior experience. Even with my knowledge as an architect, I faced many issues and moments where I thought of giving up. However, I continued moving forward and completed the entire renovation in 16 days. Here’s the full story of Andrea and my bathroom renovation project.

054 - My 5 Favorite Booths at the AIA 2017 Expo

At every conference that I’ve ever attended, I’ve always made time to stop by the expo area where manufacturers put their best foot forward and showcase their products. At the AIA 2017 conference on architecture, I walked through the entire expo and spent a lot of my time at the technology area as well as one manufacturer’s booth. Here are my 5 favorite technology and manufacturer booths at the AIA 2017 conference expo hall.

Keynote Highlights at the AIA 2017 Conference on Architecture

At the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) 2017 conference on architecture, there was an amazing lineup of keynotes ranging from world renowned architects to the former first lady of America, Michelle Obama. There are many great reasons for attending the annual AIA conferences on architecture and the keynotes give more than enough reason to attend. Here are highlights from each of the keynotes and the conversation with Michelle Obama.

The Reality of Starting a Bathroom Renovation

After picking up all of the materials for my bathroom renovation, I brainstormed a good day to start this new project. As I held my forehead and stared at my desk, I thought to myself, why not start now? So on a Friday evening, I walked my dog and took my last shower in the outdated bathroom, and brought over a scraper, hammer, and work gloves. Here are eight learning experiences that I’ve had so far in my bathroom renovation project.

Planning my Bathroom Renovation Project

From October of last year to now, I’ve been contemplating a bathroom renovation project for my house to update everything except for the toilet and tub. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I decided to move forward with this project and ordered all of the necessary materials for the renovation. Although I’ve never done plumbing work before, I’m excited to give it a shot and to learn more about architecture through this firsthand experience. Here’s a look at my pre-construction planning and material purchasing.

Micro Housing in China Facade Design

Moving onto the next design area of the Micro Housing project in China, I finalized the floor plans for the living unit floors and stack them to the height of the skyscraper. Since two sides of the building will be party walls against their neighbors and another wall will be dedicated to the egress tower, there will only be one primary façade on the building. How can this façade be dynamic and showcase the ever changing lives of the inhabitants? Check out my solution in this post!